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Low EMF Sauna – Why You Should Choose One

Saunas can be a great way to relax after a workout or to purge any toxins from your body. For those concerned about EMF radiation, you can find a low to zero EMF sauna. In this post, we will look at the world of low EMF saunas. From traditional to portable, from how to measure the levels, and why it all matters.

The Benefits of a Sauna

We can’t talk about the low-EMF sauna without mentioning saunas in general. For tens of thousands of years, a sauna has been a way to relieve aches, relax, burn calories, improve immunity, and experience other health benefits. The earliest saunas were made by digging holes in the ground and using hot rocks. We have definitely come a long way since then!

If you’re a health and wellness expert, you know how well a sauna works. However, if you’re concerned with EMF radiation, you may wonder if there’s a sauna that is safe for you. We will look at traditional saunas and portable saunas for the answer.


A traditional sauna is a room, usually wooden in construction, that uses a heater to release steam into the room, heating it up to levels that will make you sweat. While sweating is good for you, those with EMF sensitivity may have problems with the heaters. All that heating can use a lot of electricity, which can be problematic.

So manufacturers invented the low-EMF sauna. Jacuzzi is a major brand that is known for making them. They have saunas with levels that emit very low levels of radiation. Their Clearlight Saunas lineup has saunas that are 200 mV. For those who know anything about EMF or ELF, this is much under the 1,000 mV threshold of concern. Clearlight saunas are found in many commercial sauna spas because of the quality construction and very low EMF radiation emissions.

Some saunas can have levels of up to 20,000 mVs. With EMF radiation that high, you may counteract the positive effects of a sauna and experience symptoms of EMF exposure. You may have insomnia, irritation, and feel sick. That’s not what a sauna should do to you!

A traditional low-EMF sauna works because of its shielded metal conduit wiring with twisted wires. The careful construction of these heaters means that the radiation levels are lowered to levels that were not possible before. If you’re looking to install a traditional sauna in your home, look for a low-EMF sauna. However, they can be an expensive investment, usually too much for most budgets. That’s why many people look to portable saunas.

Portable Low EMF Saunas

If you are traveling, it’s quite difficult to take your sauna with you. You can’t exactly stuff it in a backpack unless you have magic powers or a magic backpack! That’s why a portable, low-EMF sauna can work for you.

These tend to look like tents that are shaped like a skateboarder’s half ramp. You climb inside, then stick your arms and legs out of it. There may be a chair that’s included, which allows you to sit down whenever you want to experience the benefits of a good sweat. It uses infrared light to heat you up and make you sweat.

A portable sauna may come in different shapes as well. Sometimes, it’s a blanket. Other times, it folds out like a small room. A portable sauna is simply a device that makes you sweat and can travel with you! Manufacturers have become very creative, so make sure you do your research.

These saunas can be much cheaper than their counterparts, the price also depends on the features it has. Some of them will have more advanced features such as timers, heat levels, and more.

Also, portable saunas can vary in comfort, and not just because of their EMF levels. More expensive saunas may be made from a material that feels more comfortable and is better for you. They may include different accessories to make comfort and fun factor easy as well.

Now, to address the EMF levels. Because you’re using infrared light, you may be exposed to EMF radiation. However, a low-EMF sauna works to reduce or eliminate those levels. One common type of a low EMF portable sauna is made from materials that are designed to block EMF radiation.

For example, it tends to be woven from copper, silver, or other metals are known to repel radiation. Because of this, these portable saunas do tend to be a little more expensive than a higher EMF portable sauna. For example, your average portable sauna may go for a tenth of the price, and you may pay to double that for a low-EMF due to the more expensive materials.

Why a Low EMF Sauna? How to Choose One?

Regular saunas can emit EMF radiation. A lot of radiation. Usually, this is because of its reflective surfaces and the heaters. EMF radiation may be very high in some older saunas or cheaply made ones from “off” brands only sold over the internet, and as mentioned, it can give you side effects that are counterproductive to the sauna itself.

It’s important to pick a sauna that has good EMF levels. If you cannot find (or afford) a low EMF sauna, it’s important to reduce how long you stay in it. Preferably, under 30 minutes. Also, do not bring any electronics or any of that into the sauna, as these can worsen your problems and all that heat is probably not good for the phone if you’re using a traditional sauna. Not to mention, you’re here to relax, not look at your phone! This was something I never considered when using a low EMF sauna at the spa, but next time I will take a magazine or just relax and meditate!

How to Measure the Sauna EMF

One way to make sure your sauna is low-EMF is to first purchase a sauna that is marketed as such by a reputable dealer. However, this isn’t an infallible method. Some manufacturers will misrepresent their product with vague information, so read the documentation and ask questions!

One way to make sure the sauna has safe radiation levels is to purchase an EMF meter. As you probably know, it’s what you use to measure radiation and this way you can take measurements under different conditions and also as the heater’s age.

First, measure the EMF radiation with the sauna unplugged (not just turned off). This can help you see what the normal radiation levels are. After you have a number down, turn it on. Make sure you measure at different temperature settings. Don’t measure it right away; the sauna should reach the operating temperature. Make sure you measure the radiation from the place you sit.

You can also then see the readings of the portable sauna and get a good idea of how much it’s emitting.

Having (or borrowing) an EMF meter can help you determine if your low-EMF sauna is truly what it says it is.

Final Thoughts on Low EMF Saunas

A sauna can be a nice place to relax. Whether it’s after a workout, after a long day, or as a way to enjoy your morning, investing in one can be an amazing experience and a great way to improve and maintain your health.

However, you do need to be mindful of how much EMF radiation your sauna emits. Using an EMF meter, measure the sauna without and with and without the power to see if the radiation levels are a problem. If at all possible, invest in a low-EMF sauna so you can use it for longer periods of time without worrying about the EMF levels.

A traditional sauna will use wiring modifications to reduce its EMF levels. Meanwhile, a portable sauna may be made from materials like copper or silver to reduce the levels. While it can cost a little more, the lower levels are well worth it.

We hope this article about EMF saunas has helped you make a decision. A sauna is a time to relax, not a time to be stressed out. Find the best saunas that are low-EMF and relax!