Whole House EMF Protection

How to Achieve Whole House EMF Protection

When you visualize a home with whole-house EMF radiation protection, you may imagine a remote Amish farmhouse in the countryside or a Chuck McGill-style house in the suburbs that has all-electric devices ripped from it and is covered in aluminum.

While these homes certainly help reduce EMF exposure levels, they are not exactly convenient for modern living. Whole house EMF protection involves reducing radiation levels in your living space while not sacrificing the essentials (and conveniences) of daily life. The first step should always be to reduce or eliminate sources, then use protective barriers. Let’s look at five ways to achieve this.

First, Protecting The Bedroom From EMF

The bedrooms are the most important room in your home to protect yourself from radiation. This is your sanctuary, where you unwind at night and sleep for 7-8 hours (hopefully!) every night, while your body detoxes and rebuilds.

EMF radiation can interfere with your sleep. If you have been sleeping poorly, every “how to fall asleep” article stresses the importance of not looking at screens before you go to bed due to the fact that they interfere with melatonin.

The first thing is to not sleep with your cellphone close by. Having a phone is essential nowadays, but it does emit a lot of radiation and should be a minimum of six feet away. If you use it as an alarm, buy a low EMF alarm instead, or put the phone on airplane mode. The better idea, however, is to not have it in the room at all. This is especially important for children and teenagers, as they are even more susceptible to the effects of radiation.

In addition, you should change the lights in your room. Incandescent lighting can help reduce radiation and lead to better sleep, especially if they are less blue and more amber in color. In fact, a yellow bulb in your bedside light can be an inexpensive change that is very helpful for falling asleep.

Finally, look at protective measures, such as an EMF protection blanket or canopy for the bed. They can be expensive, but many people say it’s well worth it. After all, a poor night’s sleep can have a very costly effect on your health.

Handling WiFi And EMF Protection

WiFi is a big source of radiation, but it’s also essential for many. If you can’t live without it, turn off the router an hour before bedtime. Maybe use Ethernet cables more instead of relying on your WiFi for everything. Of course, if you have to use your phone a lot and you don’t have an unlimited data plan, sometimes WiFi is all you have. We understand that everyone’s situation is different, but just be mindful of where you can reduce WiFi use.

If turning your WiFi off before bed is not an option, you can also purchase an outlet timer. It will turn off an outlet at a certain time, then turn it back on. You can adjust it to your bedtime so you get solid sleep every night.

WiFi is a definite issue, but in today’s connected world, it’s still essential. Be mindful of your WiFi use and take steps to reduce your exposure.

Outside the House EMF Protection

EMF radiation can come from sources outside of your home, and it makes sense that one may want to look at some ways to reduce the amount of radiation. Let’s break down how to shield your windows and walls from radiation.

For the walls, look for EMF radiation paint. You don’t need to paint your entire home with it but instead focus on areas near a smart meter, power lines, electrical panels, or other problematic places.

The windows have more than one option to block radiation. You can use window film or curtains/drapes that have EMF protection. Both are good for protecting yourself from radiation, so check either out.

An EMF meter can be used to identify the areas to tackle first (like a window facing an electrical transformer), and then the effectiveness of your efforts.

Smart Meters EMF

Smart meters can be a challenge for those who want whole-house EMF protection. These meters transmit your meter readings wirelessly so someone doesn’t have to come over and read the meters. They can be convenient, especially for the company, but for someone trying to shield from EMF radiation, a meter that goes back and forth with strong wireless signals is a problem.

Depending on your state, you may be able to opt-out, but you may have to pay a little extra. If you can’t, a smart meter cover, protection paint, or a protection frame may be your best bet. Smart meters may be good for your electric company, but they are usually not good for the people.


Finally, one needs to look at their appliances when trying to reduce the amount of radiation in their home. Appliances are a part of modern living, but they are quite damaging to your health over time if you are continuously exposed to high amounts of radiation.

The biggest offender is the microwave since it heats up your food with radiation. They are such a significant source of radiation that they come equipped with an internal Faraday cage to reduce radiation emissions! The ideal situation is to eliminate it altogether, but if you can’t stop completely, find as many alternatives as you can. Use your oven more, and try to use the stovetop and oven to reheat foods. When you do use the microwave, stay away from it while it’s operating, and try not to overcook foods.

With your TV or computer, just don’t stay too close to it. This is a time-tested method; who doesn’t remember their moms telling them not to sit too close to the TV? If you have a smart TV or box, try to connect it via Ethernet and not WiFi. This one change can make a huge difference in your exposure, depending on how much screen time you get!

For your fridge, make sure you avoid smart refrigerators and instead stick to simple and energy-efficient models. Standard refrigerators don’t generate much radiation, but “smart” versions can.

The same applies to your washer and dryer and even some stoves that connect to WiFi. Look for low EMF, energy-efficient units that can make your life easier without increasing your exposure.

Final Thoughts on Whole House EMF Protection

Protecting your whole house against EMF radiation is important for several reasons. Your home is your sanctuary, and you don’t want radiation exposure affecting your health. And with so many people working or attending school from home these days, there is even more reason to reduce EMF radiation.

To quickly recap, the bedroom, WiFI, smart meters, walls and windows, and your appliances are the main things you need to handle to get the biggest reductions. Also, if you live in an older home, take a look at dirty electricity. This occurs when unused electricity gets into your home from older wiring that wasn’t designed for today’s electronics. Some devices can be plugged into a few outlets to reduce this source of radiation.

By applying these steps, your home will be lower in EMF and you can live and sleep much better than you ever did before. Good luck.