emf shielding paint

How To Use EMF Shielding Paint For Radiation Protection

EMF shielding paint was created as a way to protect your home from electromagnetic fields that could be potentially harmful to you and other people living in your home. Shielding paint is meant to protect your living space from low frequency electric fields, high frequency electromagnetic fields, and radiofrequency radiation, as well. This type of conductive paint provides constant protection for humans and may be a wise addition to your home if you are concerned about EMF exposure.

How To Use EMF Shielding Paint Correctly

EMF paint should be applied in two layers; however, you may be comfortable applying only one layer, which is certainly better than nothing. The paint is black in color, but once it dries, you can easily apply any paint color over it. EMF shielding paint is used as a primer coat of paint, and then is usually covered with a silicon resin paint or a water-based emulsion paint. EMF paint should always be grounded. Grounding will not affect the paint’s ability to protect the environment, but instead it provides protection from the wiring within the wall. Shielding paints are non-toxic and will help prevent radiation, from a variety of natural and manmade sources, from entering your home.

When you are applying EMF shielding paint, it is important to cover each wall in a thorough and even manner. Most experts suggest using a high-quality paint roller, in order to ensure complete coverage of the painted space. If applying multiple coats, then wait at least 24 hours between each coat, in order to ensure enough time for the first coat of paint to dry. It is important to not skip any areas along your wall surface.

Selecting an EMF Shielding Paint

You will find that there are several companies which offer EMF shielding paint, and it is important for you to pick the best paint for your particular project. Below, you will find a list of 6 EMF paint products that are highly recommended. You may find these are the best products for your project, or you may find other products that you want to try, as well.


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This EMF shielding paint product is a good choice for interior and exterior painting projects. It rates a shielding effectiveness of 99.987%. Although this paint can appear thick, when it is being applied, it provides good adhesion to almost any surface type. YSHIELD offers a few other shielding paint types which you may also want to investigate.

Graphene Star Shielding Paint:

This shielding paint is available in a dark gray color. It does not contain any metal particles, and it is meant for residential painting projects. Graphene Star is proud of this product, due to its’ high-efficiency rating and ability to protect against electromagnetic radiation.

Geovital T98:

This manufacturer recommends 2 coats of paint to receive the maximum protection from high-frequency electromagnetic radiation. The shielding effectiveness of this paint is 99.999%. This product is suitable for interior and exterior applications.

Ecos Anti-EMR-Paint:

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Ecos shielding paint is created using a nickel pigment and is available in a dark gray color. This odorless shielding paint is for walls, ceilings, or floors that are primed and ready for a layer of shielding paint.

Biologa HF65:

This shielding paint is suitable for indoor or outdoor use and can be used over wallpaper, as well. The effectiveness level of this product is approximately 99.9%. This black paint adheres well to almost any non-greasy surface and is easy to paint over with the color of your choice.

Aegis AegisGuard LP:

The main advantage of using Aegis AegisGuard LP shielding paint is there is no need to ground this paint. This shielding paint is appropriate for interior or exterior applications. This product is actually an additive that is mixed with latex paint or latex acrylic primer. Manufacturers recommended you apply two coats of paint to reach maximum protection levels.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many options for EMF shielding paint products available on the market. With a bit of research, you can find the best product for your particular use and EMF shielding paint budget.