Safe Baby Monitors

Safe Baby Monitors – Is EMF Radiation From Baby Monitors Harmful?

It’s a simple question: Is EMF radiation from baby Monitors harmful to your babies? And the answer is, yes! Studies have shown that radiation that comes from your baby monitor may not be safe!

The predominant reason is their smaller body sizes and thinner skulls. In general, a child is more vulnerable to radiation than grownups.

So to protect your baby from EMF radiation exposure, you need to pay attention to the research and act accordingly. You can also purchase an EMF detector to check radiation in addition to your baby monitor.

First, let’s see exactly how baby monitors function from a radiation standpoint.

The Effects of Baby Monitors

Some monitors emit radiation in the FM radio frequency, which is considered safest. But the one emitted by wireless baby monitors is in the RF radio frequency radiation, which makes it much more harmful.

Baby monitors operate in the higher microwave range, similar to the levels of Wi-FI and cell phones. It is not safe for anybody, but for  children it is even worse.

Analog vs Digital Baby Monitors for Safety

Of the two types of baby monitors, analog is safer. Its FM radio frequency is typically at 40 MHz and it uses only sound.

If it’s a digital monitor, however, it works with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, DECT (digital enhanced cordless telecommunications) or FHSS (frequency-hopping spread spectrum). It has a microwave frequency of 2.4 GHz (or 2400 MHz), and this could be significantly more dangerous than the analog models.

But of course there are also digital models with low EMF emission, if you don’t want to use the analog. They can be activated with sound. Besides their reduced radiation emissions, they stay active only when they’ve detected sound. With this, they offer safer EMF radiation protection.

Below is a list of the best baby monitor models.

Safe Wireless Baby Monitor for Radiation Protection

Safest – Analog Monitors

If you want to protect your kid from radiation, use analog baby monitors. Though you may not find it around easily, it is the best.

But, not to worry. While researching this article, we were still able to find a great one: Safety 1st Crystal Clear Audio Monitor.

This monitor, which uses only audio, operates at 49 MHz. You can clip its parent unit on a belt. And it’s affordable.

Low-emission Digital Monitors

Of course, digital monitors usually have high emissions. But here’s the good news.

Check out these two low-emission digital monitors. At 900 MHz, they’re still higher than their analog counterpart. But unlike the usual digital models out there, it is better. Also, you can activate them with voice.

1. Sony MTM-900 900MHz BabyCall System – This digital model has both sound and light alert.
2. Babymoov Expert Care – Another model with low emission and a range of 2650 feet.

Eco Mode/ Video and Sound Activation Digital Monitors

These are unique digital monitors with video and sound functions. Also, they’re technically low-emission models operating at 2.4 GHz, and they’re good for additional EMF radiation reduction with sound activation and low EMF modes.

1. Baeishiji Baby Monitor – With its 3.5-inch camera and night vision features, this model is effective for radiation protection.
2. Philips AVENT SCD630/37 Video Baby Monitor – This comes with a 3.5-inch video screen, sound-activation mode and audio-only features. It also comes with temperature monitoring.

Overall Best Safe Digital Baby Monitors

This Nuk BabyMonitor with Eco Control and Video features has the power to reduce EMF radiation by 90%. Other great features include power-saving, night vision and 2-way communication.

Though it’s currently not available in the US, the manufacturer can ship to your U.S. address.

Hard Wiring: The Best Way to Have a Safe Baby Monitor

Of all the other options, hard wired monitors remain your best bet. With its ability to bypass Wi-Fi, it can run Ethernet cable safely to your baby’s room. With a monitor that has an Ethernet port, you can easily connect it. It’s very effective for preventing your baby’s exposure to EMF radiation.

This is it:

MOM&BB Safe Monitor – With powerful features like 360-degree ultra HD camera, video recording and a pan-and-tilt function, this offers the best protection against EMF. To top it all, it also comes with cloud storage, 2-way video and can work with Amazon Alexa.

Final Thoughts

Without any doubt, our babies health is extremely important to us as parents, which explains why we can go to any length to ensure their protection. When it comes to radiation emissions, we cannot rely on low-quality products. In addition to positioning the monitor as far from a child as possible, we must do the research to find the best monitor for our particular needs.

This is why our list of the best and safest baby monitors can help your find the best product for your needs!