EMF – What Does This Mean?

EMF is actually an acronym for electromagnetic, magnetic, and stray radiation. Electromagnetic fields produced by all living things are part of the natural condition of the universe. All living things have the natural ability to absorb electromagnetic fields. These fields can be extremely dangerous to both humans plants, and animals, and even to many sensitive electronic components.


EMF may be responsible for some cases of chronic fatigue syndrome. Some people who are extremely susceptible to EMF can develop this illness after living with EMF for a long time. However, others do not get this problem. There is no explanation as to why some people are susceptible while others are not.

EMF is measured in milliamps (mi) per hour. It is said that every hour someone is exposed to EMF has an increased risk of developing EMF sensitivity. This increases the amount of money that it costs to insure homes, which in turn drives up real estate prices. EMF health effects range from fatigue, headaches, muscle and joint pain, to more serious health concerns such as cancer, such as those associated with low thyroid function.

EMF can damage your brain’s structure, making it more difficult for your brain to process information properly. When your nervous system is functioning improperly, your thoughts and actions are not as efficient. This can cause difficulty with concentration, memory, mood swings, depression, anxiety, ringing in the ears, tinnitus, numbness in the hands, and many other symptoms. There are numerous studies out there that show how harmful EMF can be to your health. There are also numerous articles online that tell you the EMF radiation that has been measured around the world.

You may think that cell phones do not produce EMF radiation because they are in the air or on the ground. In reality, cell phone users are breathing in EMF radiation from their cell phones. It is estimated that for every one hour that a cell phone user is on the cell phone, they are emitting between two and seven times the amount of radiation that is being measured by researchers.

The amount of emf that you are breathing in every day is astounding. Studies have shown that if you are not using a cell phone then you are exposed to the same level of self that researchers are showing in hospitals across the world. This is why using a cell phone while operating a vehicle is illegal. Using a cell phone allows you to remain completely mobile, but you are still allowing your cell phone to emit measurable amounts of radiation into the air.

The other major source of emf is from power lines. Most people own multiple cell phones, and this allows them to be connected to the same power line and, because of this, they are all sharing the same power source. This source of emf is also very prevalent and causes no problems. However, it can create stress on the health of those who use cell phones and home telephone systems. EMF can cause a lot of health issues such as cancer, headache, poor immune system, etc.

If you are exposed to me regularly, then it is extremely likely that you have been diagnosed with one or more of the above mentioned ailments. EMF can also cause the following other issues: difficulty in sleeping, migraines, muscle and joint pain, depression, loss of memory, palpitations, fatigue, ADHD, infertility, and many other conditions. EMF can also affect you psychologically. Many who suffer from the above ailments have reported experiencing mental disruptions. Therefore, if you are exposed to me frequently, you should seek medical attention immediately for the above symptoms.

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