emf shielding fabric

EMF Shielding Fabric

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are all around us. The sun creates a natural electromagnetic field, and there are manmade products that create EMF’s that we simply can’t escape. Electric power lines, cell phone towers, cell phones, WiFi, Bluetooth, and Smart Meters all contribute to the manmade electromagnetic field. If you are concerned about exposure to EMF, an interesting way to protect yourself is by using EMF shielding fabric.

By researching EMF shielding fabric manufacturers, or by knowing what fabrics actually provide protection against EMF exposure, you can create customized protection. In addition to familiarizing yourself with EMF shielding fabrics, you may also want to learn more about EMF shielding clothing or EMF shielding paint, at some point, too.

What is EMF Shielding Fabric

EMF shielding fabric is described as a material that reduces the amount of EMF radiation that can reach the person that is covered by the fabric. The fabric is created by using a conductive or magnetic material, which will help to absorb, or reflect, the electromagnetic waves. Some of the materials include copper, which is often used for radio frequency (RF) shielding, silver, nickel, and cobalt.

Below, you will find a list of some of the most popular EMF shielding fabric brands and some of the most popular products that are offered by the brands. The options are plentiful, and you will find EMF shielding fabric available in the form of bedding supplies, window coverings, canopies, tents, wall coverings, and so much more! You will also find that when you conduct your own research, that there are many options available for your own personal use, and that it is wise to compare and contrast the different options, in order to pick the best products for your particular purpose.

EMF Shielding Fabric Manufacturers and Products

ArgenMesh Shielding

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This silver infused fabric is well known for its’ durability and strength. It is often used for clothing (it is safe for contact on the skin), bedding materials, curtains, or wall coverings. It is silver in color, and some light will infiltrate through the fabric. This fabric has received great reviews from prior customers.


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This company offers several fabrics that are easy-to-care-for, washable, and will cut easily for sewing and hand-crafted items. This fabric is a polyester mesh with silver-coated copper threads throughout the fabric. It is typically used for clothing, bedding supplies, or curtains

EX-STATIC Conductive Fabric

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Offered in a white and light gray diamond pattern, this fabric is soft, washable, and easy to care for every day. It is pliable, comfortable, and yet very durable, and it cuts and sews very easily. The fabric is a mix of polyester and carbon fibers, that help to reduce EMF radiation exposure. It can be used for grounding material, clothing garments, curtains, appliance covers, and many other purposes, too.

Safety Silk

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This is a wonderful feeling fabric that, although it is somewhat sheer, is a very strong material. Created by mixing pure silk with very thin strands of silver, this fabric is shiny, soft, and luxurious. It is often used for scarves, bedding supplies, underwear, pajamas, robes, and anywhere else you are looking for EMF shielding and comfort, as well.

Silver Jersey Knit Fabric

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This is perhaps the most comfortable of the fabric offerings, at least as far as clothing materials are concerned. This cotton fabric is woven with silver to provide EMF shielding protection. The cotton provides the comfort and visual appeal that many people are searching for in their EMF shielding fabric. The knit material is often used in clothing, hats, bedding supplies, and curtains. It is available in gray or black colors, which offers some type of color variety for many people. This is a very popular fabric among many folks.

Shielding Fabric Choices

As you can see, there several options if you’re looking for fabrics to use for a variety of purposes while providing radiation protection. It is also important to first decide where you want to provide the protective material and then begin your journey on locating the best EMF shielding fabric for your particular purpose.