EMF and Male Fertility

EMF Radiation Impact On Male Fertility

Male fertility problems have risen dramatically in the last few years, with a simultaneous rise in EMF device use as well. Do the two seemingly different issues somehow relate? Does that mean your cell phone, tablet, microwave, laptop or other EMF emitting device is the cause of your fertility problems?

A Look At EMF Radiation and Male Fertility

EMF stands for electromagnetic frequency radiation, a kind of radiation electronics emit to send out signals. Some EMF is ionizing (think x-rays) while others are non-ionizing (think cell phone, fitness tracker, tablet, etc.). Based on information from government agencies, a minute amount of non-ionizing radiation is not that dangerous.

However, data from independent research suggests that this may be wrong!

If used in copious amounts, non-ionizing radiation devices (Wi-Fi routers, Bluetooth devices, Wi-Fi-enabled devices) may actually emit health-endangering EMF. It’s not the device itself but the usage that is leading to the potential health problems (how often one uses a device). And, one such EMF radiation health problem is the effect on male fertility.

What Effects Does EMF Have On Male Fertility?

Research shows EMF radiation has a negative impact on male fertility, causing sperm potency and motility issues. This means the testes do not produce enough sperm, and the sperm don’t move as quickly. Though conceiving isn’t impossible, EMF effects on the sperm do increase the difficulty.

3 Tips Men Can Use To Reduce EMF To Stay Fertile and Healthy

Thankfully, there are several things men can do to reduce their chances of complications due to EMF radiation exposure on male fertility. Though EMF radiation can cause other health problems, the following tips are only applicable to fertility-related problems.

The best thing you can do for every health problem is to reduce the use of EMF-emitting devices, including Wi-Fi.

Phone Placement 

Do you put your cell phone in your pants pocket? Most men tend to do this without a second thought. Rather than placing the phone in your pocket, you need to find another spot for it. You can also buy an EMF radiation protection sleeve – a cheap case that can decrease a small amount of radiation it emits.

It would be best if you never put your phone on your groin when game playing or texting. It seems minor, but those seemingly unimportant little things add up.

Keep Your Laptop On The Table

A laptop is quite convenient, as you can put it on your lap and work or play. However, the radiation it emits isn’t good for your fertility. If you’re going to place your laptop on your lap, be sure to invest in a radiation protection pad and turn off the Wi-FI and Bluetooth. Otherwise, leave it on the table.

Stay Wired

Wi-Fi certainly may make it easy to get on the Internet with different devices, but it’s not healthier. Wherever you can, go wired with your devices. For example, hook up your modem directly to the laptop or gaming system (PlayStation or Xbox). This will help reduce EMF exposure and protect you from potential fertility problems caused by EMF radiation.

No one likes to think that every day, convenient devices could be the cause of their health problems. However, if you’ve been trying to conceive with no luck, it could be these EMF radiating devices to blame.