Cordless Phone Radiation

Cordless Phone Radiation

Most homes and businesses that use a landline also use cordless handsets. Cordless phones are affordable and easy to use. You probably know that cell phones emit EMF radiation. But you don’t usually hear about EMF radiation and your cordless phone.

Cordless phones can be even more harmful than cell phones.

Here’s why.

Why Cordless Phones Emit Radiation

Each time you receive a call with your cordless phone, information is transmitted to and from the base station. In this process of communication between you and the transmitter that most emission of EMF radiation takes place.

So this means anytime you use your cordless phone, harmful radio frequency is transmitted to you because you have your cordless phone so close to your brain.

In fact, a common brain cancer called Glioma has been linked to it. A particular Swedish study revealed that constant use of phones could lead to Glioma or other brain cancers.

In addition, the constant use of cordless phones increases the level of radiation emission in your home or business. The increased exposure can lead to headaches, depression, nausea, and itchiness. Worse, it could lead to leukemia and infertility.

Reduce Your Exposure to EMF Radiation from your Cordless Phone

Obviously, the best way to eliminate exposure to radiation emission from cordless phones is to stop using them. Replace your cordless phones with corded phones. It’s as simple as that.

However, in cases where that just isn’t practical, there is still another way.

You should unplug the cordless base from its power source. Except when you’ve got important calls to receive or make, you should always unplug it from the circuit. This will significantly reduce your home or business’s exposure to radiation.

Also, try to use a wireless headset (not Bluetooth, because it emits EMF) when using the cordless phone. This way, you’re able to prevent contact between your brain and the phone.

Best Cordless Phones Alternatives

To avoid cordless phone radiation, you need to be very careful with your phones. You can try the suggestions above, but what if they aren’t enough? What if you completely forgot to use a headphone? What if you didn’t remember to unplug your cordless phone from the switch?

If these aren’t an option, then maybe you should look into using a Gigaset cordless phones. They are made by Siemens and you want a model that includes the “radiation-free ECO Mode” feature, such as the Gigaset C610A.

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With a Gigaset phone, you can easily reduce your exposure to EMF radiation when you’re on standby mode. Though they’re still a little exposure when using the phone, a headset could help you a lot.

Final Thoughts

To reduce the negative impact of cordless phone radiation in your home, you need to make some choices. With the serious health problems caused by exposure to EMF, you would want to make sure you either replace or unplug your cordless phone. Alternatively, you should look into purchasing a Gigaset to reduce exposure to EMF radiation while continuing to enjoy the convenience of a cordless phone.