emf exposure symptoms

Common EMF Exposure Symptoms

Electromagnetic fields, or EMF radiation, is something that can be found all around the world.  Naturally, the sun creates electric and magnetic fields, and since the start of the 20th century, there has been the development of many manmade objects that also send out EMF radiation.  Some of the manmade items include things, such as; x-ray machines, MRI machines, electric power lines, computers, Wi-Fi, cellphones, microwave ovens, and other similar modern-day conveniences. If you think you’re sensitive to all this EMF radiation, you can check here for the most common symptoms of EMF exposure.

Although many scientists believe there is little reason for concern about low-level EMF exposure for the majority of the population, there is still some controversy regarding the accuracy of monitoring the levels of exposure for some people.  There are a couple of ways that you can monitor the amount of EMF’s within your home, and all around you, if you have a desire to do so.

Monitoring for EMF Radiation Exposure

You can purchase a handheld monitoring device, called a gaussmeter, which measures the number of volts per meter (V/m) there are around you or around a particular item.  Meterk and TriField are two well know manufacturers of gaussmeter’s that you may want to research for your own personal use.  You can also contact your local power company and request an inspection of your home, where the technician will come to your place and perform an on-site EMF reading.

EMF Radiation Levels

The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) group is an organization whose purpose is to maintain standard guidelines for EMF exposure.  Their guidelines are created based on many years of research, and their findings are that most people will not have any adverse reactions when exposed to low levels of EMF radiation throughout their lifetime.  Below is a list of some examples of EMF contributors and their level of Volts/meter on a typical reading.

-Natural electromagnetic fields, such as those created by the sun = 200 V/m

-Power lines, when directly close to the lines themselves = 10,000 V/m

-Power lines, when at a far distance from the lines themselves = 100 V/m

-Computer screens = 10 V/m

-Cellphone base stations = 6 V/m

-Microwave ovens = 14 V/m

Common Exposure Symptoms

If you are concerned that you have been exposed to high levels of EMF radiation, or if you are worried about a constant exposure of low to mid-level radiation, then perhaps you should familiarize yourself with some possible EMF exposure symptoms.  A couple of the more serious, life-altering symptoms that may be caused by very high levels of EMF exposure include unusual growths on, or inside, the body, and cancer.  There are many other physical, neurological, or physiological symptoms that could result from too much EMF exposure, as well.  If you experience one, or more, of these problems, then you may wish to consult your physician for further studies.


-sleep disturbances

-fatigue, especially after a full round of “normal” sleep


-loss of appetite or noticeable, unexplained weight loss

-unexplained nausea

-unexplained dizziness

-dysesthesia, which is a constant itchy sensation, that can often be painful

-the inability to concentrate or obvious changes in memory

-anxiety and/or restlessness

Of course, you will find that some of these symptoms can be associated with a variety of ailments. Diagnosis of EMF exposure may be difficult to obtain, but these are certainly some symptoms to watch out for, no matter what the cause of the symptoms may be.

Research On The Effect Of EMF Radiation

Most scientists acknowledge that there is still much to learn about EMF exposure, monitoring, diagnosis, and treatment.  Researchers are studying the amount of current daily exposure and the long term effects of increasing exposure. More electronic equipment in homes and businesses will continue to produce more EMF radiation.

Upon further research, you will find activities that you can do, in order to limit your EMF exposure.  For example, reducing your time in the sunshine will limit your natural EMF exposure.  Maintaining a healthy distance from significant manmade EMF producers will immediately reduce your exposure.  It is important to remember that the further away you are physically from the source of the EMF producer, the lower your chance of being exposed to EMF radiation will be.  It is also important to be mindful of what is truly a cause for concern, and what changes you can do to help protect yourself and your loved ones.