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The Most Effective EMF Shielding Hats Money Can Buy

If you want to protect yourself from EMF or radio frequencies, the most important part to cover is your head. Your brain is the most important part of your body, and EMF radiation can lead to neurological changes, headaches, and even cancer. This is where EMF shielding hats become important to your health.

In order to protect yourself from EMF radiation, your only option used to be fashioning a foil hat, but that’s not the most stylish thing around. That’s why some genius invented EMF hats. These hats look like ordinary caps you put on your head, but they are made from materials noted to block EMF radiation, such as copper, Mylar, Silver, and Shieldon fabric.

How Do EMF Shielding Hats Work

Hats can be made of several materials. Some use copper mesh, which has proven to be an effective way to protect yourself against EMF radiation. Some may use aluminum, a material that is also an effective electricity conductor. Mylar may be used too, being light inexpensive, and convenient. Silver, which many hats use, is the same way.

Let’s look at five hats you should check out. All five are a different type for a different need, as we want all people to be as protected from radiation as possible.

1. RadiArmor Unisex Hat (Best Overall EMF Shielding Hat)

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The RadiArmor Unisex EMF shielding hat is a good first pick, as it looks like your basic hat everyone wears. Not to mention, it’s constructed from fabrics made from silver, allowing you to block well over 99 percent of rays.

One good reason to have a silver cap is that silver is good for anti-bacterial and odors, so it doesn’t need too much washing. Also, this cap should fit most heads and sexes, with an adjustable strap allowing you to go from S-L. It’s quite easy for you to just put on the cap and go about your day.

Reviews seem to agree, with many saying that the cap provides above adequate protection and feels comfortable as well. The silver fibers seem to feel just as good as an ordinary cotton hat.

So if you’re looking for an EMF shielding hat, this may be your first choice. It’s the best overall, as it fits all seasons and styles.

2. EMF Beanie (Best Beanie)

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Winter is approaching, and if you’re going skiing and there’s an electric line nearby, why not pack this EMF Beanie?

Just like the hat, this is good for both sexes and most heads. It uses silver fabric as well, looking like an ordinary black (or gray; you can choose the color) beanie that most would wear on a cold day. However, packed inside is a beanie that can shield you from radiation with ease.

Ratings on this beanie have been positive overall. With that said, this company is a little tough on returns, claiming they won’t accept your return if the beanie has a trace of perfume or sweat on it. So make sure you want this! Alternatively, hand wash it carefully to get any smells out should you not want it.

3. EMF Hood (Best Hood)

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This is another hat that’s good for the upcoming winter season. Like the previous entry, you can choose from a few colors and the EMF Hood can blend in with your hoodie with ease.

Like the other hoods, this fits most sizes, thanks to its drawcord that gives you the perfect fit. Also like other hoods, this is made from silver fiber, allowing you to protect yourself from most rays.

This hood has positive reviews, with most saying it’s a comfortable hood that protects them from radiation. It works well for the cold seasons, where the temperature goes down, but the radiation does not. Give it a go and see how well it works for you. You may find this hood to be comfortable and great against all elements.

4. EMF Bush Hat (Best Bush Hat)

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The EMF Bush Hat is a bit more expensive than others on this list, but if you’re looking for a great outdoors hat, this is a good purchase. Not only is it powerful, being carefully sewn to provide the best protection possible, but it’s durable, too.

This hat comes in two colors and two sizes, large and XL. Therefore, it may be best if you have a bigger head. With that said, always read the sizing charts, since every country has a different definition of what these sizes mean.

It’s another hat that has positive reviews, with most praising its effectiveness. If you’re looking for a hat for your next adventure that will protect you, this is the one for you. It’s not only effective but can be a great shield against the sun as well.

5. Baby Beanie (Best for Babies)

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Do you know whose brain needs the most protection from radiation? A baby’s. That brain is barely developed, and yet it’s born into a world of cell towers, electric lines, the list goes on! If you are a parent or about to have a baby, this Baby Beanie is essential.

It’s crafted from silver fibers as well, and is hypoallergenic for your baby’s delicate senses. Wear it outside, inside, or wherever your baby is susceptible to radiation.

Like the other beanies on this list, this has positive reviews. Just make sure you get the right size for your baby, as some reviewers did say it was too small or big. Babies grow fast, so you may need to get another. After that, be sure to look for other hats for all stages of their life.

Final Thoughts on EMF Shielding Hats

And there you have it. Five excellent hats that will protect you against all the frequencies technology will throw at you. As the world starts to become more mindful of what a blessing and a curse technology can be, there are going to be many products that can protect you against radiation without sabotaging your look. Check these hats out and find the best one for your situation. Who knows? You may end up discovering that you like them all and you want a nice little hat collection.