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Best EMF Cell Phone Cases and Brands to Block EMF Radiation

You probably know there are hazards from electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation from common sources of EMF like cell phones we use every day. In this post, we look briefly at some health conditions that exposure to EMF radiation can cause or aggravate. More importantly, we are going to talk about how EMF blocking cell phone cases protect you and your family from some of that radiation.

Did you know the cell phones we carry every day could expose us to dangerously high levels of EMF radiation, especially when we hold it against our heads? In fact, it is the most common of all EMF sources we are exposed to today.

What’s So Dangerous About Cell Phone Radiation?

In November 2008, a study released by the Federal Department of Health and Human Services National Toxicology Program revealed that cell phone radiation from 2G and 3G could result in DNA damage and cancer. Research since 2008 continues to find connections between cell phone radiation and various health issues.

Today, most of our phones operate on even stronger 4G radiation, and 5G is now commonplace!

Cell phone radiation is a form of electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation that is coming at us from every direction. And since we need cell phones in our daily activities, they have become significant sources of radiation that continue to harm our health.

It has even been said that this radiation could damage sperm (male infertility), cause breast cancer and brain tumors.

How To Reduce EMF Radiation

If you’re already turning off your cell phone at night or leaving it in another room, then that’s great! But if you’re like many people who sleep with their cell phone next to them, you may want to reconsider. As a general rule, a cell phone should be at least 6 feet away from you to safely reduce your level of EMF exposure at night.

Sadly, this doesn’t help when you’re actually using your phone. With our growing dependence on our cell phones, it’s completely impractical to stop using them, but there are ways to reduce exposure.

It may be as simple as, getting yourself an EMF blocking cell phone case.

With an EMF cell phone case, your exposure to dangerous radiation emitting from your cell phone will be drastically reduced.

The question is, how does this work?

How EMF Cell Phone Cases Protect People

Of all the types of EMF cell phone cases, the most common is the EMF-shielding one. With mesh fabric designed for covering your cell phone’s screen side, the case is very effective. It prevents your face from coming in contact with radiation that your phone emits, with little to no reduction in the sound quality of your cell phone.

Even when your phone is in your pocket (which is especially a problem for men), you’re protected by the EMF cell phone case mesh. Just try to keep the shielding (mesh) side closest to your body all the time. It’s much safer that way.

Since the other side has no radiation blocking, the signal isn’t lost and you can use your phone as usual!

Just like other products, with so many EMF cell phone case brands out there, it can be difficult to know the effective ones. One of the easiest ways to identify a quality EMF-reducing cell phone case is to look for independent lab testing. As an alternative, you could purchase an EMF meter and test a case yourself under actual operating conditions.

Best Options For Radiation Blocking Cell Phone Cases

Below is a list of some of the best cell phone cases you should consider protecting yourself from EMF radiation. All except RadiArmor phone sleeve come with credit card slots with RFID protection against credit card hacking (another huge problem).

Also, only the RadiArmor phone sleeve doesn’t come with kickstand functionality.

  • DefenderShield EMF Case: A high-quality cell phone case tested by an FCC-certified lab. According to the manufacturer, it can block over 99% of EMF radiation from cell phones when used correctly. This is a radiation case worth its price.        >> Check prices on Amazon 
  • SafeSleeve: Here is another effective EMF-reducing case with 99% protection.  >> Check prices on Amazon 
  • Sanxir Anti-Radiation Case: According to the manufacturer, this protective cell phone case comes with double-shielded technology. It blocks 98% of EMF radiation.    >> Check prices on Amazon 
  • WaveWall: This EMF-shielding cell phone case can block 87% radiation, according to the manufacturer. It’s a unique model having two versions: the vertical flip version and horizontal flip versions sell for about the same price.    >> Check prices on Amazon 
  • RadiArmor Anti-Radiation Case: This is an effective cell phone case for EMF radiation. At the time of publication, it’s only available for iPhone users. According to the manufacturer, this case blocks 99% of EMF    >> Check prices on Amazon 
  • RadiArmor Phone Sleeve: Different from the other cell phone cases, this is a neoprene sleeve into for your phone. You can wear it on your belt’s holster. With a universal size to fit any phone, it comes with a Velcro closure. It comes with metallic fabric that enables it to effectively block radiation from 91% to 99%. >>Check prices on Amazon 
  • Gadget Guard Anti-Radiation Rugged Case with Alara Technology: This is a case with patented technology to reduce cell phone radiation by 75% without any loss of signal strength. It also has a rugged case that also protects your very expensive phone from falls of up to 10 feet! While the radiation protection is lower than other phones, it doesn’t restrict your signal, so using it correctly is easier. Cases are designed for specific phones.  >> Check prices on Amazon 

Final Thoughts

The research and debate on the health hazards of cell phone radiation continues, but there are highly effective EMF blocking cell phone cases that you can use now to protect your family. There are also other products, like clothing lines with built-in cell phone pockets, that are available to help make cell phone EMF protection easier and more effective for everyone.