Author: Donna Wilson

  • Can You Block EMF from Power Lines? Here’s How

    Can You Block EMF from Power Lines? Here’s How

    Power lines. If you’re trying to protect yourself and block EMF radiation, power lines can be your worst enemy. Especially if you live near a metal tower, where high voltage lines exist. Even if you live far away from one and have local lines that are attached to wooden poles, they can still be a […]

  • High EMF Cars: Why They Exist

    High EMF Cars: Why They Exist

    If you’re trying to avoid EMF radiation, modern cars are your weakness. There are several reasons why recent cars generate more EMF, leading to mental health issues. One reason is that many cars are shifting to electric-powered due to advancements in electric car technology and because of pollution concerns. Another reason is because cars are […]

  • How To Use EMF Shielding Paint For Radiation Protection

    How To Use EMF Shielding Paint For Radiation Protection

    EMF shielding paint was created as a way to protect your home from electromagnetic fields that could be potentially harmful to you and other people living in your home. Shielding paint is meant to protect your living space from low frequency electric fields, high frequency electromagnetic fields, and radiofrequency radiation, as well. This type of […]

  • How to Achieve Whole House EMF Protection

    How to Achieve Whole House EMF Protection

    When you visualize a home with whole-house EMF radiation protection, you may imagine a remote Amish farmhouse in the countryside or a Chuck McGill-style house in the suburbs that has all-electric devices ripped from it and is covered in aluminum. While these homes certainly help reduce EMF exposure levels, they are not exactly convenient for […]

  • Buying EMF Protection Clothing

    Buying EMF Protection Clothing

    Have you been thinking about electromagnetic fields, and wondering if there is something that you should be doing in order to protect yourself, or your loved ones, from EMF exposure?  Levels of EMF radiation are increasing at an alarming rate, and many of them are outside of our control. One thing that you may want […]

  • What is EMF Radiation?

    What is EMF Radiation?

    You have heard people talk about EMF, or electromagnetic fields, but you may not know exactly what EMF radiation actually is.  Basically, electric and magnetic fields are created from both natural and man-made sources, and they are present all around the world, and yet, are invisible to the naked eye. The main natural source of […]

  • Common EMF Exposure Symptoms

    Common EMF Exposure Symptoms

    Electromagnetic fields, or EMF radiation, is something that can be found all around the world.  Naturally, the sun creates electric and magnetic fields, and since the start of the 20th century, there has been the development of many manmade objects that also send out EMF radiation.  Some of the manmade items include things, such as; […]

  • EMF Shielding Fabric

    EMF Shielding Fabric

    Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are all around us. The sun creates a natural electromagnetic field, and there are manmade products that create EMF’s that we simply can’t escape. Electric power lines, cell phone towers, cell phones, WiFi, Bluetooth, and Smart Meters all contribute to the manmade electromagnetic field. If you are concerned about exposure to EMF, […]

  • The Most Effective EMF Shielding Hats Money Can Buy

    The Most Effective EMF Shielding Hats Money Can Buy

    If you want to protect yourself from EMF or radio frequencies, the most important part to cover is your head. Your brain is the most important part of your body, and EMF radiation can lead to neurological changes, headaches, and even cancer. This is where EMF shielding hats become important to your health. In order […]

  • Best EMF Cell Phone Cases and Brands to Block EMF Radiation

    Best EMF Cell Phone Cases and Brands to Block EMF Radiation

    You probably know there are hazards from electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation from common sources of EMF like cell phones we use every day. In this post, we look briefly at some health conditions that exposure to EMF radiation can cause or aggravate. More importantly, we are going to talk about how EMF blocking cell phone […]