what is emf radiation

What is EMF Radiation?

You have heard people talk about EMF, or electromagnetic fields, but you may not know exactly what EMF radiation actually is.  Basically, electric and magnetic fields are created from both natural and man-made sources, and they are present all around the world, and yet, are invisible to the naked eye.

The main natural source of EMF radiation is the sun, which sends out radiation continuously.  Manmade sources of EMF radiation include modern-day conveniences, such as; electric power lines, household appliances, Wi-Fi routers, and many other items that people use all around the world.

Although EMF radiation surrounds us, there are different opinions among scientists about what levels of EMF’s are dangerous to humans. However, most scientists acknowledge that further research is needed on the subject, as well as better monitoring of EMF exposure.

A Closer Look At EMF Radiation

An electric field is created around an object that has charged particles, even if the source of electricity is not currently sending off a flow of electric currents.  A magnetic field is created when the flow of electricity is moving.  Consequently, the magnetic field disappears once the flow of electricity ceases.  Additionally, it is important to know that the greater the flow of the electric current at a particular time, the greater the magnetic field will also be during that same time period.

Naturally, electric fields will develop throughout the atmosphere if a thunderstorm is developing.  The presence of electric charges in the environment, which are created by the storm, creates an electric field in that particular area.  The earth also consists of a natural magnetic field, which is visible when you are using a handheld compass and the orientation automatically points in a north-south direction.  This is due to the natural magnetic field of the earth.

Electromagnetic waves travel at an amazing speed, similar to that of the speed of light.  The more electromagnetic waves present, the higher the frequency of the waves.  For example, imagine that you have a 10-foot rope tied to a doorknob.  If you use your arm to slowly move the rope in an upwards and downwards motion, then the rope will create “waves” that appear to be relatively long in appearance.  If you quicken the pace of your arm motion, then the rope will move at a faster speed and will create many smaller wave actions.  Note that the length of the rope (10 feet) has not changed at all.

EMF Radiation Exposure And Distance

Another very important point to remember is the EMF exposure decreases as the distance from the electromagnetic source increases.  For example, if you are a patient who is in need of a diagnostic x-ray test, in order to determine a broken bone for instance, then your exposure to EMFs will be greater as you are actually receiving the x-ray test, than when you are not being tested.  By increasing your distance from the x-ray machine, you are decreasing your exposure to the EMF radiation.

Types of EMF Radiation

Electromagnetic exposure is divided into two different categories; low-level radiation and high-level radiation.  Low-level radiation, which is also called non-ionizing radiation, is created by everyday items, such as; power lines, energy meters, cellphones, cordless phones, Bluetooth electronics, Wi-Fi routers, computers, microwave ovens, and those types of items.  These manmade devices send out low levels of EMF radiation and are generally thought to be harmless to most people.

High-level radiation also referred to as ionizing radiation, is created by the ultraviolet rays sent out from the sun and from x-ray machines.  This type of exposure can be harmful to your health.  For this reason, it is recommended you take precautions when exposed to long periods of direct sunlight or medical x-ray’s.

Final Thoughts

Electromagnetic fields, or EMFs, are present all around the world.  These fields are something that cannot be avoided by anyone on the planet.  It’s important that you understand the source of EMF’s. It’s more important to understand how your exposure to EMF radiation affects your health and general well-being.  As with most things, the more informed you are, the easier it is to make educated choices about your life. A recently updated book, The Invisible Rainbow, A History of Electricity and Life, by Arthur Firstenberg  , (>> Check prices on Amazon) does a deep dive into the history and evolution of electrical fields, natural and man-made, and what we already know about the effects on the planet and it’s inhabitants.