fitness trackers without bluetooth

Fitness Trackers Without Bluetooth – Do They Emit EMF?

No doubt about it, fitness watches are very useful. If you’re trying to get into shape, they can certainly be a great help! However, you may want to consider fitness trackers without Bluetooth to reduce exposure to dangerous EMF radiation!

While you’re getting your exercise, the watch helps you track how well you’re doing. It not only calculates your exercise activities it also monitors your sleep! Many new ones add a host of other features that make them very appealing for everyday use.

Using a Bluetooth connection, the fitness watch identifies your movement using a gyroscope. The Bluetooth also enables a lot of the other features.

The functions of the watch are amazing and obviously, you want to keep using it. However, when you find out it can harmful to you, you might want to reconsider using it again.

So what exactly is the feature of fitness watches that enable their fantastic functionality?
In one word — Bluetooth.

Why Bluetooth Emits EMF

Because the device is powered by Bluetooth connectivity, it potentially emits electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). Of course, we’ve already written several articles on why EMF is dangerous. Brain tumor development and male infertility are some of the health hazards of EMF radiation.

Though there hasn’t been extensive research on radiation emitted by Bluetooth, it is clear that taking appropriate precautions should be considered. In fact, it was discovered that insects died within just six minutes of even light exposure to Bluetooth emission.

We know there is a Bluetooth regulation, but the regulation is faulty for two reasons. One, research on it has been inadequate. How do we establish a safe Bluetooth level when the problem hasn’t been thoroughly studied. And two, because we can hardly avoid Bluetooth-enabled devices in our daily lives, we will continue to be exposed to potentially very unsafe emissions.

Are All Fitness Watches Bluetooth enabled?

Many fitness trackers don’t use Bluetooth. But more and more do. Fortunately, those with Bluetooth can often be disabled. So if you’re looking for the best fitness watch, consider finding one that gives you the option to disable the Bluetooth.

Now let’s check out the best fitness trackers.

Harmless Fitness Trackers

Garmin Vivosmart HR

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This fitness tracker that can monitor your heart rate and is quite affordable. With this device, you have no fear of exposure to EMF rB0177V0GH6adiation because you can disable Bluetooth. Disconnecting is easy. Press’s and hold this screen until the setting window pops up. Go to Bluetooth, and switch it to ‘off’.

Other features include WiFi, altimeter, calorie tracker, and a step tracker.

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro

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This is a water-resistant fitness tracker that helps to monitor your step, heart rate, GPS. It comes ready with a durable battery and a Bluetooth disconnection feature.

To disable Bluetooth, go to setting, then Bluetooth, and then uncheck it. That’s it, you’ve disabled Bluetooth.

The Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro is a feature-rich watch. It’s water-resistant up to 50 meters, long-lasting battery, and many other great features. And best of all, even if you completely disable Bluetooth, you can sync Gear pro 2 by enabling Bluetooth once a day.

Final Thoughts

As convenient and fun as using a Fitness watch can be, it comes with some hazards you need to be aware of. We know you want to stay healthy and fit, but is it at the expense of the health you’re trying to improve? When you use fitness watches with Bluetooth you’re exposed to radiation. But with devices that allow you to disable Bluetooth, you will be able to use your fitness tracker and receive all the benefits with little to no side effects.