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EMF Blanket Guide – All You Need to Know

When you think of a blanket, you usually think of comfort and warmth. Maybe you think of snuggling down in your own bed or curling up on the couch during a cold day. A blanket is designed to promote warmth, relaxation, and rest. However, if you’re surrounded by EMF radiation, you may feel anything but comfortable. That’s where an EMF protection blanket comes in.

An EMF blanket is designed to protect you and your family from EMF radiation. It’s constructed from materials that you’d associate with traditional blankets, with silver, copper, or other conductive metal fibers woven in to provide protection from radiation.

In this post, we will look at the materials used, how they work, and give you the best types of blankets money can buy.

How Does an EMF Blanket Work?

An EMF blanket is similar to any other blanket in your home, made from cotton and other fabrics designed to keep you warm and comfortable. However, an EMF blanket adds silver, copper, or other materials that can absorb or reflect radiation.

These blankets come in all types. Therefore, it can be difficult to figure out which type of blanket to get. Let’s look at some features you should look for in an EMF blanket.

Why Do I Need an EMF Blanket?

There are plenty of valid reasons to want an EMF blanket. For the bedroom, keeping radiation out of there is important. Too much can disturb your rest. The best move is to keep all electronics out of there and shield your window with curtains, but should you have to have electronics inside, a blanket can work.
Also, an EMF blanket is something that can work well while you’re on the couch, watching TV or on your laptop. It can protect yourself while you’re watching shows or unwinding.

What to Look for

If you’re looking for an EMF blanket, here’s what you should consider.


Do you want to buy this for a bed? If so, get something that will fit your bed, especially if you sleep with someone else. Do you want to buy it for yourself while on the sofa? Do you need something for a baby? Finding the right size for your situation can help you find the right blanket for you.
Materials Used

What materials are woven into the blanket, and are they known to protect you from EMF radiation? Knowing what goes into your blanket is important, and the best manufacturers will disclose what’s in there.
Besides that, what are the other materials used? Do you like those materials? A blanket should be comfortable for you.


How washable is your blanket? Because they are made from metal fibers, some blankets may need to be carefully washed. However, higher-end blankets are designed so you can pop them in the washing machine without too much worry.

Some may have specific instructions, such as cold water only or air dry. Always read the instructions before washing the blanket.


How thick is the blanket? During warmer weather, someone may like something a little thinner, and vice versa. Others may just want a thick blanket because they like the weighted feeling.


EMF protection blankets can cost more than your usual blanket or throw, but luckily there are products available for all budgets. For example, emergency Mylar blankets can work well if you don’t have much money. However, you may want something more luxurious.


What do the other people say about the brand and material? Do they find it comfortable? Do they claim it works well? Going through all the reviews is important when choosing a blanket to protect yourself.

Test it!

Use a meter to test the blanket when you get it. For example, you could put a laptop on your lap and see how much difference an EMF meter will read with or without the blanket. See if it will work for you.

The Best EMF Blankets

Now, let’s look at some good brands and products.

1. DefenderShield (Best Overall)

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We believe this should be your first pick when choosing an EMF blanket, as it has everything you need. The price is mid-range, and it’s made from comfortable bamboo and metal fibers to keep EMF radiation away from you. It does this while not interfering with your own phone’s signal.

This blanket is available in several sizes, from single-serve to a full-on bed. Not only that, but it has positive reviews overall, with most people singing its praises. It’s the first blanket you may want to default to, as it has everything most will want.

2. Breezy Baby (Best for a Twin Bed)

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This is a blanket purely designed for a twin bed, made from silver fibers and other materials that will keep you comfortable, all while protecting against radiation. It’s big enough to be used for a bed, but small enough for travel as well.

It is machine washable, so you can pop it in whenever you do your sheet washing. This blanket also has a lifetime guaranteed satisfaction, which we are happy to see, and it has positive reviews overall. Throw it on your bed and get ready to relax.

3. Armshield Blanket (Best Pregnancy EMF Blanket)

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This is a good blanket to wrap around your belly if you’re pregnant. It’s the perfect size, made from pure silver like the other blankets on this list. It is machine washable, but you do have to air dry it. With positive reviews, it will keep you and your unborn baby very happy. Plus, it may double as a baby blanket in the future, though we have a blanket just for that too.

4. Emergency Thermal Blanket (Best Low Price)

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Do the prices of these blankets make you wince? This is good if you’re in a pinch. Mylar blankets, also known as space blankets can absorb quite a bit of radiation. They’re commonly used for emergencies, such as if you’re trapped in a snowstorm in your car or stuck in the cold, as they are good with body heat.
Crafted from aluminum, these blankets are weatherproof and designed for all uses, all while being affordable. These have great reviews as well. You don’t have to spend too much to get a good quality blanket.

5. Breezy Baby Blanket (Best Baby Blanket)

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Finally, we have this blanket. While #3 is great for a pregnant belly, this works great if your baby is born. It fits well in the crib, and its silver fibers are comfortable enough to keep your baby happy and healthy while in the crib.
It can work well as other uses as well, like a swaddle. Like the previous blanket from this brand, it does have a lifetime warranty, too. Of course, you shouldn’t return it if your baby grows out of it. Give it to another parent.

Final Thoughts on EMF Blankets

With all this radiation in the air, relaxation time may feel like anything but. Luckily, EMF blankets are here to make relaxation time comfortable again. These can block radiation from up to 99.99 percent of electronics, allowing you to rest easy.

Take a look at all the products and see if there’s an EMF blanket that works for your needs. Chances are, you can find a good one.