emf protection clothing

Buying EMF Protection Clothing

Have you been thinking about electromagnetic fields, and wondering if there is something that you should be doing in order to protect yourself, or your loved ones, from EMF exposure?  Levels of EMF radiation are increasing at an alarming rate, and many of them are outside of our control. One thing that you may want to consider is clothing that provides EMF protection.  There are many manufacturers that offer clothing specifically for protecting your body from EMF exposure.  Throughout this article, you will find some ideas on clothing articles that may be used for the purpose of protection, and some information about some of the top manufacturers, as well.

There is a little bit of controversy regarding the use of EMF protective clothing; however, if you believe that you want to protect yourself, or if you find that you are exposed more than you would like to be, then EMF protective clothing may be the perfect choice for you.

How Clothing for EMF Protection Works

EMF protection clothing works by blocking the amount of electromagnetic radiation that is able to reach the body.  Manufacturers weave specific materials into fabrics to shield the person from EMF exposure.  Even if these particular clothes do not block the potentially harmful radiation completely, they at least can limit the amount of exposure that occurs at any given time.

Protective Clothing Sources

EMF protective clothing can be found in the form of a hat, a scarf, camisoles, shirts, pants, boxer briefs, and many other articles of clothing made from EMF shielding fabric.  Clothing pieces are available in a variety of styles and colors for men, women, and children, as well.  Below you will find a list of some popular EMF protection clothing suppliers.

Atmosure EMF Radiation Protection

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Atmosure offers clothing articles that have silver fibers woven into their materials, which blocks exposure to EMF radiation.  Their clothing pieces contain protection all throughout the garments, in order to provide optimal protection for each person.

Defender Shield

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Defender Shield offers a Baby Belly Band for pregnant women who are concerned about EMF exposure.  This comfortable bamboo/cotton blend garment can be used all throughout the pregnancy, in order to protect your developing baby from potentially harmful EMF & 5G radiation.


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OurSure offers a variety of clothing articles.  Comfort and style are important to this company, along with their primary goal of providing EMF/RF protection that you can count on for shielding effectiveness.


Lambs offer EMF protection clothing in the form of hats, beanies, underwear, shirts, and other similar products.  They promote easy-care garments, comfort, breathability, and protection from germs, EMF radiation, and UV rays, as well.


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Antiwave offers a variety of clothing options for people of all ages.  They offer high-quality merchandise at relatively reasonable rates, and they guarantee their items will remain effective, even after multiple washings.  They use smaller amounts of silver within their fabrics, which enhances the physical appeal of the fabric.  Generally, their products do not have the shiny, silver appearance of some other companies, so you may find that you wear this type of clothing more frequently.  Additionally, their items can be placed in the washing machine, and do not have to be hand washed.


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UrGarding uses silver within their fabrics, in order to shield the body from EMF radiation exposure.  They offer hoodie sweatshirts, underwear, and other articles of clothing.


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Halsa offers a protective head covering, similar to a hoodie.  This attractive hood will protect your head and brain from EMF exposure that can be very concerning for some people.  This unisex product will fit almost anyone and is available in black or gray color.

The companies that are listed above are just some of the companies that offer EMF protection clothing.  As you begin to research the subject, you will find that there are many, many online retailers who offer some type of EMF protection clothing.  Each company has its own variety of protective materials, clothing garments, colors, and price ranges, as well.

Final Thoughts On EMF Protective Clothing

When you are looking for your own EMF protective clothing, it is important for you to first decide which part of the body you want to provide the most protection for. Then you can decide which style you will be comfortable with, and decide how much money you wish to spend on various pieces of EMF protection clothing.  The choices are plentiful.