block emf from power lines

Can You Block EMF from Power Lines? Here’s How

Power lines. If you’re trying to protect yourself and block EMF radiation, power lines can be your worst enemy. Especially if you live near a metal tower, where high voltage lines exist. Even if you live far away from one and have local lines that are attached to wooden poles, they can still be a danger, especially if you’re near any transformer boxes.

What’s the solution? Should you live in the wilderness and live a life without electricity? Should you equip your home to be solar-powered? These solutions may not work for many, but luckily, there are some ways for you to reduce the EMF levels that come from power lines.

Before you do anything, you should first see how much radiation is coming from those lines. A gaussmeter or EMF detector can help with this. Once you do and have discovered that those lines are causing a problem, you can begin to lay out a strategy.

Here are five steps on how.

EMF Paint

If you’ve been wanting to repaint your home for a while, anyway, why not paint it with this? EMF paint can block the radiation that comes from power lines, even low-frequency. If you have lots of radiation, you may need two coats of paint. The only downside is that if you paint a room with this, you shouldn’t have any devices, as the paint can trap the radiation. It’s ideal for your bedroom, where you may not bring any devices into it.

One downside to EMF paint is that it’s pricey, making it not ideal for some budgets. You can buy smaller containers, but they probably won’t be able to cover our walls. They are good for painting certain objects.

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Plus, what if you live in an apartment or rental home? That’s a bit of a problem. Let’s look at another method.

Cover Your Windows

Your windows can let in plenty of EMF radiation, and they should be something that you cover whenever possible. You can buy curtains, or EMF fabric, to protect your windows. Wire mesh frames work well, too. Copper fabric is another option. It’s cheap, and copper is known for being a good material to work with.

The good part about EMF curtains is that you can find curtains that fit all needs. Do you want some thin, decorative curtains? They have those. Would you like some thick, blackout curtains so you can sleep in? You better believe those exist too.


If you’ve been looking to improve your yard, landscaping is a natural way to protect your home from radiation. What you can do is put some trees or bushes around the house.

Let’s talk about trees. These aren’t absorbers of radiation or anything, but radiation does weaken when it goes through an object. If the tree is pine, cherry, or another sappy tree, it’s even better. Avoid trees that shed their leaves during the fall, as these are not ideal.

Bushes are the same way. If they are around your house, they can absorb radiation, keeping you safe from any radiation that tries to enter your home.

Plus, these plants provide natural shade and look great. One downside is that you may need to trim the bushes and do some maintenance, but many will find that the extra bit of effort is worth it.

Try to Bury Any Power Lines

Burying power lines means that you won’t be feeling the radiation, as the earth itself will take care of the fields they emit.

However, this method is a hassle to say the least. For one thing, it’s expensive. You are going to have to pay a professional to do the work for you, as it’s not something you want to do yourself. Not to mention, local laws may prevent you from doing that. Ask your electric company or government if it’s allowed. If not, try to make a case for why you need to bury your lines. If they still don’t budge, you may not have an option.

This method is also good if you’re building a house rather than changing how an existing house operates.

Your Appliances Matter as Well

Besides your lines, you also need to look at your appliances. Some appliances are designed so that the lines have to go inside your home, creating EMF. There are several different solutions to this problem. One thing you can do is have extension cords you can ground, or shield your cords. Another method is to make sure the appliance has a switched-mode that’s completely modern. This will prevent any EMFs from coming inside the house.

Also, let’s not forget that you should avoid bringing any appliances or devices into your bedroom, which is your most sacred space. This should go without saying, but it’s something we can’t stress enough. Too many people end up with sleep problems and other issues because they leave their phone inside of their bedroom when they go to bed.

Anything Else?

Sadly, you can’t move power lines around. Your best bet is to reduce the amount of radiation in your home and from outside your home. Put a box over your smart meter. Cover your windows and other problem areas. Purchase some EMF blocking clothing when you have to go outside. These methods can help to reduce the impact of power lines.

As mentioned before, you can’t exactly go without electricity. We are too dependent on it, and going back to the past is not an option for most people.


Final Thoughts on Blocking EMF From Power Lines

There are some ways to prevent your power lines from allowing EMF radiation to get to your home, but one downside is that many of the methods presented are for people who own their homes. With that said, you can still have curtains on windows facing power lines, and possibly arrange your appliances so that the radiation is not getting into your home. In some situations, you may need to move. If you live in an area near a tower, you may be getting too much radiation near your house.